Welcome to the official site of Final Form USA! We know what you’re thinking. “WTF is ‘Final Form’?” Final Form is a multitude of different things, but the best way to describe FF is that we exist to cater to uphold the Japanese way of tuning. You may see this Japanese tuning influence in different ways such as with photos of our travels to Japan but also with cars here in the States that have the same style. You may also see the style reflected in the cars that we own/showcase. We particularly cater to the Time Attack style for Japanese Domestic Market cars such as the R32 GTR and FD3S RX-7.

Final Form will continue to grow and adopt other styles of Japanese tuning, and besides selling unique parts and gear, we aim to bring the smaller Japanese companies that aren’t as well known into the US spotlight.

And of course, we are the official distributor for Car Shop GLOW Japan products in the United States. This title was previously held by our friends at Mayday Garage, but we are now the sole distributors since 4/5/15.

We look forward to posting on the blog for all to enjoy, which sometimes may just be photos, but we promise they will be good ones.

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