ZESTY Racing Type 1 Front Bumper for RX-7 FD3S


Zesty Racing Front bumper spoiler Type 1 with optional undersweep. 6 weeks made-to-order only. Made in Japan


To stand out, sometimes you have to go the extra mile to procure your “grail” aero! We are now proud to offer for the first time stateside, the ZESTY RACING Type 1 aero bumper spoiler for the infamous FD RX-7!

Located in Sendai, just north of Tokyo, this tuner works on a variety of different cars, but luckily for us, they make aero for only one car, the RX-7.

As with most bumpers in Japan, the Type 1 is made of FRP and is made to fit OEM located fenders and utilizes the newer 99-02 Kouki style front bumper lamps. The bumper features enlarged oil cooler ducts and an oversized front air dam opening.



But what REALLY makes this bumper stand out from the rest is the massive undersweep that is dedicated specifically to this bumper. The undersweep is used to maximize downforce on track, and also doubles as a surfboard. The air guides located under the undersweep help direct air to the brakes on either side.

Comes in your choice of either FRP or a hybrid FRP/Carbon Fiber version.


**Please note, the Zesty Racing demo FD has a one off widebody kit which has extensions for the front bumper which is NOT included in this product**

***Please allow 6 weeks for production and a lead time of 1 week to ship to you

Bumper options

Type 1 Aero Bumper FRP, Bumper + FRP Undersweep, Bumper + FRP/CF Undersweep


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