TCP Magic G-Face Wide Body Full Kit Type TT


TCP Magic full widebody Type TT kit for FD3S RX-7. Made to order, please email us for an accurate quote!

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The key differences of the Type TT from the Type GT are the larger 65mm front fenders, featuring a new added flare and vented top front fenders to release heat from brakes, the G-Face front bumper has the added molds to match with new front fender curvature, slightly larger carbon fiber front bumper canards, a much larger front hybrid carbon fiber/FRP undersweep, and added carbon fiber winglets that attach to the sides of the larger front undersweep. This kit is the most aggressive TCP Magic offers.

G-Face Wide Body Full Kit Type TT 14 piece complete kit for Mazda FD3S RX-7  includes:

  • Front Bumper in FRP
  • Front Type TT undersweep in hybrid carbon fiber/ FRP*
  • Front Type TT canards in carbon fiber for front bumper
  • Front 65mm fenders in FRP
  • Front Type GT fender diffusers in carbon fiber
  • Side skirts x2 in FRP**
  • Rear 65mm fenders in FRP

* Larger Type TT undersweep requires additional bracing to body frame which is NOT included

**Also available in carbon fiber as an upgraded option**

These kits are made-to-order and for shipping, and/or serious inquiries, please email us about this kit. Price listed does NOT include shipping, please email us for an accurate up to date quote,


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