SuperNow FD3S Rear Tow Hook


Rear tow hook for the FD3S RX-7 made by SuperNow. Made in Japan.

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One of the easiest and non destructive exterior enhancements for the FD3S is adding a rear tow hook. Also functional, the SuperNow rear tow hook comes in two different variations with 4 different colors.

A-Type is your traditional aftermarket tow hook in that it sticks out just a little bit from under the rear OEM bumper and is round in design.

B-Type is a bit more low-key than the former type. This triangular shaped tow hook is a little more discreet and points downwards. Perfect for strapping your car down on a trailer, but can still be used as a traditional tow hook.

Both types available in black, blue, pink and orange. Bolts and nuts not included. Ships from Japan.

type and color

A-Type Black, A-Type Blue, A-Type Pink, A-Type Orange, B-Type Black, B-Type Blue, B-Type Pink, B-Type Orange


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