SuperNow FD3S Rear Crossmember Jack Up Plate


SuperNow FD3S RX-7 (1993-2002) Rear Crossmember Jack Up plate by SuperNow. Made in Japan. Available only in anodized orange.

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More exciting products from Japanese tuner SuperNow for the FD3S include the all new rear crossmember jack up plate! Like most FD RX-7 owners, you probably lift the back end of your car by the rear differential, which unless you have a really long automotive jack, usually means you have the entire jack including the handle, possibly stuck under the car. Even worse, you’re rolling the dice when you lift the car by the differential which is not part of the chassis itself.

SuperNow solves this problem by making the only rear crossmember jack up plate that serves to not only provide a lower and way more secure jack point, but also to add some rigidity to the rear crossmember while looking great in the SuperNow anodized orange color!

The plate is also adjustable to how low you’d like the plate to be with three levels just in case you’re riding super low. Also comes with the bolts, nuts and spacers for a completely bolt on affair. Ships from Japan.


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