SuperNow Aluminum Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap


Brake Fluid Reservoir Aluminum Cap. Made in Japan. See description for more details


Now introducing Japanese made brand SuperNow aluminum brake fluid reservoir caps! Made to replace your existing dingy black OEM Mazda caps, these caps give you a little bit of flavor to your engine bay. Confirmed to fit the SA22C/FB (1978-1985), FC3S (1986-1991), FD3S (1993-2002) RX-7s, and NA6CE (1990-1993) Miatas.

Available in anodized black, blue, gray, red, pink and orange colors. Ships from Japan


**You must reuse the small plastic piece from your OEM brake fluid reservoir cap and transfer to the SuperNow cap. You will need to gently remove the inner plastic part using a small thin flathead screwdriver and trim 3 of the 6 blades and reinsert into the SuperNow metal cap. Please see photos below**


Black, Gray, Red, Blue, Pink, Orange


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