Rize Japan S30 Fairlady Z 240Z Blazed Titanium Hood Prop

$199.00 $179.00

Hood/Bonnet prop in titanium for Datsun S30 240Z  made by Rize Japan. Fits all models. Please double check clearance with your existing hood prop if your engine bay is modified. Made in Japan.

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Made in Japan, these all original Rize Japan hood props give your super classic S30/Fairlady Z engine bay that extra nice JDM touch! These props are modeled after the OEM hood props that normally come all black. Perfect 2 second installation that replaces your tired, crusty, unattractive hood prop, or if you’re using a broom stick to hold up your hood, this is what you need!

100% made in japan using 100% pure titanium. The burnt/blazed edges are super nice and very well defined. These are all made to order, so please allow up to 4 weeks before it is shipped to you.


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