Rize Japan R1 Super High Output LED Headlight Bulbs


The new R1 LED headlight bulbs output 4900 lumens, almost double than the Z1 No-Ballast model, and feature a slightly smaller heat sink for better fitment. Made in Japan. 2 year limited warranty.

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With the success of the Z1 ballast-less LED headlights comes a newer more higher power version of the Z1, the new R1 model!

The new R1 LED headlight bulbs output 4900 lumens, almost double than the Z1 No-Ballast model, and feature a slightly smaller heat sink for better fitment.

Everyone who’s ever installed HID light kits into a non-HID equipped car knows the protocol. You get a giant box full of wires, relays, large ballasts, headlight bulbs, ground cables and mounting plates, zip ties and self tapping screws.


What a pain.

What if you were to reduce that parts list to just this: Headlight bulbs.

We’re sure a lot of you have seen various LED headlight kits out there on the internet. Usually it’s the same deal, either the LED lights are weaker than traditional HID lights, or they include just as many wires and ballasts as their HID counterparts.

Enter the all new R1 LED headlights by Rize Japan. Featuring an ALL METAL housing (except for the chrome around the actual LED), these lights feature working heat sinks to dissipate the heat generated by the bulbs, the R1 model comes with a tiny flat metal box that’s smaller than a credit card and plugs right in. That’s right, it is 100% plug-and-play. Gone are the relays, grounding wires and even the dreaded 4-5 foot cable to connects the two HID lights together (the one where you must hide as best as you can somewhere in your engine bay or behind the front bumper). Wiring just became a 30 second ordeal.

What about light output? Are they just as bright as the HID lights on the market?

The new R1 LED lights output an equivalent to 55w 6500K  HID kit, which is 20w more than the standard 35w kits out there and the 6500K light color is the equivalent to “Super White” (more colors to come), except there is one MAJOR difference between the Rize lights and the HID kits in terms of performance. Because Rize utilizes LED technologies, and not High Intensity Discharge technology, the Rize lights feature an INSTANT-ON output.


You’ve seen them on luxury cars, Honda S2000’s, an all sorts of HID equipped vehicles, when you first fire up your headlights, they start as a different color such as green or purple/blue, and then within a few seconds, they become the color they are supposed to be. However, with the Rize LED headlight bulbs, there is no delay, no hesitation, zero waiting before the lights are 6500K white.

We do know that these lights will slowly become the standard in the next few years with OEM companies starting with luxury cars as prices drop, and we are proud to be one of the first to sell this technology.

Bulb sizes available are:

H4 HB1 HB5 H13 H7 H11 HB3 H10 HB4 9006 H1 more sizes coming soon

Total bulb measurements coming soon!

All Rize LED headlights are backed by a limited 2 year manufacturer warranty that guarantees they will work as advertised. All warranty claims sold by Final Form USA will be handled by Final Form USA, please email us for more details at info@finalformusa.com

All Rize Japan LED headlights are for off road and/or show purposes only and are not intended for use on public roads.

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

Please note: The LED headlights are designed to fit exactly into the sockets where your OEM bulbs are, HOWEVER, the heat sinks (the large ribbed barrel behind the bulb where the wire is connected) are much larger than just normal bulbs. It is up to YOU, the end user to measure your own car application to make sure that the bulbs will fit with the given dimensions. Final Form USA takes no liability of fitment of these lights into your application.


H1, H4, H7, H10/HB3, HB1, HB4/9006, H11, HB5, H13


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