Rize Japan 2018 G1 High Output LED Headlight Bulb Set


Rize Japan High Output G1 Series LED headlight bulbs. Please check your backspacing of your headlights to clear for fitment. All sales final. Ships from Japan


Sold in pairs

New for 2018 is the Rize Japan G1 LED headlight bulbs! We are so excited about these LED lights, because they are not made in China, and feature absolutely NO wires. They are single contained units with no ballasts, no external wires of any sort! There are tiny fans built into the heat sinks that give the units much needed cooling, as these LEDs are the highest output of 6500 total Lumens at 40 watts! Compared to halogens producing 1200 lumens per side and OEM HIDs at 3100 lumens per side, these are incredibly bright! Light color is equivalent to 6500K.

These LED bulbs are also incredibly light, all metal, and are backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty against any defects! We have been personally testing these lights for almost a year now on our daily drivers with zero issues.

We now offer a simple plug and play FD3S RX-7 solution using Spyder Auto clear headlight housings! This is not required to use the bulbs, but simply another option to replace your yellowing factory headlight housings. *Note- light output is not OEM, and lights used in these housings will be all over the place, as this is more an aesthetic upgrade than a functional one*

*Note- because these are still LED lights, not all lights are guaranteed to fit with your specific application, as there are many other factors to consider regarding space constraints, and as such, there are no returns. Please make sure your headlight housings have ample space to give room to these larger than OEM bulbs.

Bulb size

H4 Hi/Lo, H7, H8, H10, H11, HB3, HB4, FD3S Housing+LED Combo


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