REINHARD Universal Semi Titanium Twin Blast Pipes Mufflers


Universal dual blast pipe muffler by Reinhard Japan. Made-to-order, please allow 6-8 weeks before it’s shipped to you via EMS Air.


Because we get this question all the time, we’ve decided to start distributing the ever popular Reinhard twin blast pipes as a universal muffler section!

One of the most unique exhaust systems available for JDM cars is no doubt the “Semi Titanium Dual Muffler” aka Twin Blast Pipes made by Japanese manufacturer, Reinhard. They give your car a completely distinct look from the rear and the beautiful twin blazed titanium 4″ tips sound great. But the only problem for some people is that this awesome exhaust is only available for SOME JDM cars, such as most popular Nissans, Toyotas and rotary powered Mazdas. So what if you have a Honda, Hyundai or Subaru? Of course Reinhard makes the classic Cannonball system for these other cars, but not the Twin Blast Pipes.

The solution is the universal version of the Semi Titanium Twin Blast Pipes Muffler! Available in two configurations, with or without the removable muffler sections/outer silencers, this muffler is unique in that the dual 4″ (100mm) blazed titanium tips are completely symmetrical (model specific versions feature offset tips depending on which side it exits).

The stainless steel 3″ (76.3mm) inlet features a cut to allow you to slip the muffler onto an existing pipe and be either clamped down using an optional clamp made by Reinhard, or welded directly onto your exhaust piping. Also included is a polished, stainless steel muffler clamp which using your own welded hangers, allows you to position your muffler wherever you want.

Measures 24″ (630mm) from tip to inlet, these are made to order with an average lead time of 6-8 weeks. Every single muffler is hand welded in Japan and is shipped from Japan to you.

The Twin Blast pipe muffler is also known as the “Dual Muffler” in Japan, it is unique in that it has as you guessed it, two separate mufflers that look like two giant truck tips. The exhaust is JASMA certified (The Japan Automotive Muffler Association), and features a 3″ (76.3mm) mandrel bent polished stainless steel piping with a more exotic titanium dual muffler with titanium blazed tips. ¬†All tips are 4″ (100mm) and feature laser etched logos to let others know you bought only Japanese made parts.



**Please note SUPRA BAND can only sold with muffler at the same time, no separate orders**

***Also available: The all stainless steel version which contains NO titanium***


Semi Titanium WITH inner mufflers and silencers, Semi Titanium WITHOUT inner mufflers and silencers, Supra Band Clamp 76.3mm 3", Stainless Steel WITH inner mufflers and silencers, Stainless Steel WITHOUT inner mufflers and silencers


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