R-Magic Reinforced FD3S Rear Hatch Damper


Reinforced rear hatch damper/strut for the FD3S Mazda RX-7 1992-2001 made by R-Magic. This is for ONE strut, which is more than enough in most cases. Made in Japan. Shipped by boat due to the nature of shipping oil filled shocks.

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**UPDATE 3/8/17: Due to rule changes regarding shipping oil and gas filled shocks from Japan, this item is no longer available until further notice**

Why pay $250+ for two OEM Mazda rear hatch struts that will barely hold up your GT wing outfitted FD? You just need one of these R-Magic rear trunk dampers! (You must use one of your OEM rear struts in conjunction with the R-Magic)

According to R-Magic themselves:

“Trunk dampers mounted on both sides of the hatch getting stuck, or the FD3S fitted with a large rear spoiler,  you can see many RX-7’s that are going down as they attempt to withstand the weight of the hatch.

It is very dangerous if you put yourself in the trunk to move your luggage.

In summer, the temperature is high so the internal pressure of the damper is rising, but in winter the hatch can easily fall because the internal pressure of the damper is low.

Therefore RMagic has made a hatch damper with greater force than OEM Mazda.

Just by replacing one side only with the R Magic trunk damper, lifting the hatch gently will make the trunk go up effortlessly. ”

Because the weight of each GT/fiberglass wing varies, R-Magic does not guarantee that only one damper will be sufficient, but in most cases, it is. Price is for each damper.

**Although these dampers are in stock, please be aware that because these dampers are oil filled, we cannot ship these via air, and must be brought to the USA via boat service which can take up to 60 days to receive**


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