PanSpeed Wide Aero Kit (2015)


Multi-piece aero kit for FD3S RX-7. All pieces made in hand laid FRP. Undersweep made in wet carbon fiber. 100% made in Japan. Please allow 12 weeks at minimum before shipping. Shipping via EMS air.

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Now for sale in the USA, the all new PanSpeed widebody aero for the FD3S RX-7!


Individually hand made in Japan, this multi piece kit consists of the rear fenders, side skirts, front fenders, front bumper and carbon fiber splitter/undersweep. Please allow 12 weeks at MINIMUM before shipping.

PanSpeed Shop-12

Shipping is done via EMS Air and delivered in 7-10 days once shipped. Please be aware that this multi piece aero kit comes in 3 large boxes and shipping includes delivery to your door. No boat shipping.

PanSpeed Shop-7

PanSpeed Shop-6


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