NEXT SS Miracle X (Cross) Bar For FD3S RX-7


Miracle X Bar for FD3S RX-7. Made in Japan.


Final Form USA is now an official dealer for NEXT, famous for their Miracle X Bars that are handmade in Japan! Although we are able to sell any bar they make, we feel it is more beneficial for us to offer the bars we have dealt with personally, starting with the Mazda RX-7 FD.

The bars come in a few different configurations. For the FD, there are two types of thickness in the bars, 32mm and 35mm. The main X or “Cross” bar is the centerpiece, where the rear strut bar is removed from the OEM rear strut mounts and reused, along with two new points located on the C pillar. Behind the OEM plastic resides a spot for the JDM rear seat belts, something that was omitted in the US spec version of the FD. By using the rear strut towers combined with the C pillar points, the result is a more rigid bracing in the rear of the car.

Please note, you must reuse your OEM strut bar mounts, as well as either modifying your rear shock mount covers, or removing them altogether (when using the upgrade kit only). Also, you must at minimum drill a roughly 1″ round hole where the C pillar points are in the plastic covers.


But what makes Miracle X bars even more special is that fact that you can “upgrade” them. You can add the NEXT 4 piece upgrade kit which connects the two rear strut mounts with one straight bar across (parallel low), as well as the two C pillar points with a matching straight bar that connects the two (parallel high), and a pair of “butterfly” bars, very unique bent bars that add more structural rigidity to the setup. These upgrade kits come in matching stainless steel, and come in both 32mm and 35mm thicknesses to match your X bar.

32mm Bar shown below

35mm Bar shown below

All bars ship from Japan. Most are ready to be shipped in 3-6 days. An optional roof bar is also available, but please email us if interested as they are made-to-order.



Type 2, 32mm SS X Bar FD, Type 2, 35mm SS X Bar FD, Type 2, 32mm SS X Bar + Upgrade kit, Type 2, 35mm SS X Bar + Upgrade Kit, 32mm roof bar add on, 35mm roof bar add on


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