Nagisa Auto FD3S Front Pillow Upper Arm Set


Front pillow upper arms for the 1993-2002 FD3S RX-7 chassis by Nagisa Auto. Made in Japan.

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**Update 1/14/16: One set in stock, ships in 3-5 days**

One of the first things that RX-7 owners do to address the suspension is to change the factory struts and springs to coilovers, thus stiffening the suspension, and aesthetically, lowering the car. Altering the suspension usually equates to throwing something off in the suspension geometry, but sometimes can be corrected by getting a proper alignment. However, with today’s trends, many FD owners are lowering their cars to the point where even the factory adjustment points cannot fully correct the geometry.

Fear not, Nagisa Auto has produced their front pillow upper arms for the FD chassis to allow more camber adjustment in the front while upgrading your factory rubber bushings to spherical pillow ball ends that are specially coated to reduce excessive wear.

Typical lead times on this part is 3 weeks.



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