Lucky 7 Cat 招き猫 (Maneki-Neko) Slap Sticker


The Lucky 7 Cat measures 4″ tall, 3″ wide, special crystalized finish, high quality vinyl slap sticker. Made in USA.

The Lucky 7 Cat is now available to bring you good fortune!

The Kanji reads: “Final Form”

Original concept by Cristian Tyrrell aka Final Form FC, Cristian believes we all need good luck from time to time, and although he personally only receives good luck in bad situations, ultimately, it’s better to have some luck than no luck at all! This Lucky 7 Cat aka Maneki-Neko, will bring you good vibes and positivity. He’s known to remove all negativity to whoever he waves and smiles at, his limited crystal finish is meant to shine bright, just like in your soul.


*special bonus: if you brand this cat onto your rotary powered vehicle, it is a rumor that the Lucky 7 Cat will ward off evil detonation spirits*



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