Leg Motor Sport FD3S GT-A Side Deflector


Leg Motor Sport GT-A Side Deflectors for 1992-2002 Mazda FD3S RX-7’s. Made of wet carbon fiber. Made in Japan.

Now available is the Leg Motor Sport FD3S GT-A Side Deflector for stock bodied (no wide rear fenders/large side skirt fitted FD RX-7’s) FD3S RX-7’s!


If you wanted just a little more wider look for your FD but don’t want to chop up your rear fenders or add a huge bulky side skirt, the Leg Sport GT-A side deflector is perfect for your pristine RX-7! Made of wet carbon fiber (lots of clear coat for that extra gloss), this piece is not very common in the FD community, but completely reversible as it is attached using extremely strong double sided tape and optional self tapping screws. 


Leg Sport describes the piece:

Effective Aero!
Air that flows after the front fender will disrupt the rear tire.
Just like the front canard, the shape is designed to stabilize the temperature of the tread surface of the rear tire by deflecting air around the tire.

Also, as we have found out, if you are using the ever popular FEED/Fujita Engineering side diffusers/pieces like our guy Clay, the Leg Sport side deflector fits with zero issues or modifications. Designed for use on all 1992-2002 Mazda FD3S RX-7s.


Made in Japan. Please allow 6-8 weeks before shipping as all Leg Sport aero is made-to-order. Shipping via EMS air.


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