Ganador Super Mirror Replacement Mirror Lenses for LHD Vehicles


*These mirrors are no longer in production*

Replacement LHD mirror lenses for the Ganador Super Mirror. Set includes both driver and passenger side lenses in a unique convex, blue tint. Seam sealed, CNC cut, made in the USA using European glass. This is for replacement lenses ONLY. USA addresses only. Please email us for international inquiries!


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**UPDATE 2/23/18: THESE ARE NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION! Thank you to those who bought the last batch of mirrors produced in February 2018!**

Now available for the North American market are these original replacement lenses for your Ganador mirrors! Everyone who owns a set of these Super Mirrors know that the vision pretty much is horrid, especially on the FD3S. Often, it’s an ongoing joke that having these mirrors is strictly for aesthetics because they’re that terrible, but not anymore! We have your solution!

Through our good friend Eric Xue, he was able to convince an OE manufacturer to make these unique lenses precision CNC cut to match ANY set of REAL Ganador Super Mirrors. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your FD3S, your NSX or your S14, no matter what the car, these WILL fit. These lenses are made in the USA¬†using European glass that’s thicker than the original and were especially made to be convex for both sides of your car which drastically improves visibility by 30%. Better, wider viewing angle will give you more area to see. Perfect for your LHD car assuming you don’t already have the convex version (most are flat). All mirrors are also seam sealed to give it a very OEM look, and are double-mirrored with no see-through. Also, the original Ganador mirrors came in “CL”, or clear lens (no tint), and also the more exclusive “BL” or blue lens version. Our replacement mirrors are in the more desirable blue lens variation, so this can even be an upgrade if you’re rocking the CL version!

Installation is very straightforward. The original Ganador mirrors are attached with just double-sided tape to the plastic back plate, simply pull them off, remove the old tape, and use silicone glue to reattach the new lenses!

Pricing of $125 includes shipping within the lower 48 states! Supplies are EXTREMELY limited, as this will only be a 50 set run!!


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