Fujita Engineering FEED Carbon Fiber AFFLUX Carbon Fiber Side Steps


Fujita Engineering Evolutional Development FEED AFFLUX Carbon Fiber Side Steps for FD3S RX-7. Fits all models. Made in Japan, shipped via UPS Air.

A classic aero piece for the FD RX-7, the FEED AFFLUX Carbon fiber side steps are an essential piece in aero enhancements. Made of high grade 1×1 carbon fiber, these side steps allow you to still access the jack up points on your car while still adding some girth to your FD. Also pairs GREAT with our optional carbon fiber Leg Sport side deflectors! Installation is a breeze and requires only some self tapping screws. Ships from FEED to our office in Kanagawa, then directly to you.

Side steps require 2-4 weeks as they are made-to-order and then it is shipped via UPS Air.


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