Final Form Mini RX-7 Stickers


New for 2019! The tiniest of RX-7’s are now available in sticker form! Please double check who’s car you’ve selected!  Measures 1″ x 4″, printed in USA.


It’s been a year coming, but we’ve finally miniaturized our Final Form USA team!

Measuring at a “cute” 4 inches long, we have the whole team to choose from!

Tito Perez’s RX-7 aka @Titococoloso

Clay Barnett’s RX-7, aka @Clayspec

Andy Lin’s RX-7 aka @RESuper7

Khiem Pham’s RX-7 aka @Booja

Cristian Tyrrell’s RX-7 aka @FinalFormFC

David’s RX-7 aka @FinalFormFD

Sold for $3 each shipped, or get all 6 for $15!

Collect all 6!


Titococoloso, Clayspec, RESuper7, Booja, FinalFormFC, FinalFormFD, Team Final Form USA


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