Car Shop GLOW Universal Fender Vents


Universal 6 vent fender ducts made by Car Shop GLOW Japan. Professional body work is required. Please note measurements before ordering. Optional fender duct gurney sold separately. Made in Japan.


We offer lots of different, but unique vents for your Time Attack car including these universal fender vents made by world renowned Car Shop GLOW in Tokyo, Japan. Available as a 6 vent version, this duct comes in both FRP and of course wet carbon fiber. What is a little more unique about these particular vents is that they feature a slight curvature for naturally slightly curved fenders such as what you see here on the CSG Time Attack FD RX-7. Also- These are side specific, meaning there is a left and a right side. Gone are the days of using Home Depot metal vents, so add some class!

Also available as a separate option are the CSG fender duct gurneys! (different product)

These are generally in stock, but at worst case scenario, have an average lead time of 3-4 weeks.



FRP, Wet Carbon Fiber


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