Car Shop GLOW FD3S 99 Spec LED Combo Lights


Bumper/turn signal/parking aka 99 Spec combo lights for the FD3S RX-7 made with LED lights. For use with any FD3S bumper that uses the 99 spec style lights. Plug and Play for 1993-2002 (please specify what year your RX-7 is) RX-7’s. Assembled in Japan.



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Slowly but surely, Car Shop GLOW continues to bring much needed modernization to the aging, but timeless FD3S RX-7 Chassis. It started with the now famous LED tails, but now it’s time to address the front of the car! Utilizing Japanese (not Chinese) LED bulbs, Ken Suzuki at CSG was able to redesign the inside portion of the “99 Spec” front combo lights which normally consist of one parking light and one turn signal. The lights were redone in a way that both the lights have an LED ring that lights up with the parking lights so that you see two lights as opposed to one. These lights are effectively bright, and the brightness level matches perfectly with our rotary powered FD’s 4300k 55w HID headlights to give you an idea. The amber turn signal lights are in the inner ring portion of the light and illuminate just as bright but in amber.




**These lights are direct plug-and-play for ALL year RX-7’s. Please specify model year your RX-7 is, it is either 1992-1998 Zenki/Chuki models, or the newer 1999-2002 Kouki models, as the connectors are slightly different**





All CSG LED FD Combo Lights are brand new, not refurbished, assembled and meticulously hand soldered (LED’s) in Japan.  All CSG LED lights carry a limited 6 month warranty that guarantees lights are free from any manufacturer defects. Warranty void if lights show signs of liquid, physical damage or were altered in a way CSG never intended. All warranty claims are facilitated through Final Form USA. Not intended for use on public roads. For show/off road purposes only. No returns allowed. Lead time for the lights is 4-6 weeks so please plan ahead. For international inquiries, please contact us at


**These lights are made for off-road and/or show purposes only and are not intended for use on public roads**

Prewired Options

1992-1998 Zenki/Chuki wiring, 1999-2002 Kouki wiring


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