Car Shop GLOW FD3S 99-02 LED Combo Lights V2


Version 2 LED combo lights for Mazda FD3S RX-7 (1999-2002) made by Car Shop GLOW Japan. Average lead time is 4 weeks. LED lights made in Japan.

Available on backorder

After the successful launch of the original CSG kouki FD3S LED combo lights, there was a small interest in an “OEM” style combo light but using newer LED technology. Thus, the Version 2 CSG combo lights were created.

Not to be confused with Version 1, this newer Version 2 works just like OEM, that is, one circle of LEDs is all white, which represents the parking/running light, and the other circle is utilized as strictly the turn signal, and in the OEM amber type color. Version 1 is different in that both circles have an outer and inner ring of LEDs, where the outer LED rings are white and serve as the parking/running light, and the inner LED rings are all amber. It was unique, but not as easy to see when the turn signals were activated.

Made to work on any bumper that accepts FD3S kouki (1999-2002) front bumper lights, these lights add a modern touch with a purist look of OEM Mazda.

All lights are handmade in Japan and typically require a average lead time of 4 weeks before they are shipped out via EMS Air. Please keep this in mind.


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