BeatRush Front Strut Brace For FD3S by Laile


Front strut brace/tower bar for Mazda FD3S RX-7 (1992-2002) made by BeatRush/Laile. Made in Japan.

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New for Final Form USA!

Are you tired of seeing the same strut bars on the FD3S? Are you tired of trying to test fit certain bars only to find out they fit RHD models only? Want a little more shine in your engine bay and also improve handling at the same time? BeatRush has you covered.

The BeatRush front two point strut brace/tower bar for the FD3S is unique in that it has a removable “direct brake system” that uses the body’s rigidness to brace up against the brake master cylinder so that it does not flex, which is GREAT if you have a RHD FD3S, but just looks weird on a LHD model. Alas, BeatRush made the gold painted steel ends (super super strong, won’t flex) have an optional removable brake stopper.

The bar itself is a beautiful oval aluminum pipe that’s super polished to the point it looks like chrome. The PERFECT addition to your FD.

*Please note that this bar will work on OEM hoods and the RE-Amemiya AD9 hood (without rain guards) with a stock/non-modified 13B-REW engine. We are not responsible for fitment with modified engines.

**Please allow up to 3 weeks before item is shipped from Japan via EMS Air.


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