7’s Day Houston 2019 Limited Edition T-Shirt


Limited edition 7’s Day Houston 2019 shirt. One time run, full color front, black logos on back, made of Cotton blend Gildan shirts. Made in USA. Only 30 available of varying sizes.


Initially, for 7’s Day Houston this year (2019), we did a small run of 50 shirts to sell ONLY at 7s Day to help our sponsors get some advertisement out there for helping us out so much. We decided to make a shirt with one of the FD’s on the front, and the sponsor logos on the back. Expecting to sell a little less than 50 shirts, we paid a good amount to have them made with a full color large print on the front, and sold them just to barely break even.

Little did we know, we sold all 50 shirts within the first hour of the meet! We did NOT expect to sell out that quickly! In hindsight, we should have ordered more, but alas, that is just an afterthought. There were a lot of people that missed out that came to the event, and for that, we apologize. So the following week after 7’s Day, we decided to make ONE last run of the shirts to give those that missed out one final chance to get the shirts. Once they sell out, that’s it!


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2X Large