7’s Day is always on the same date, which of course is July 7th, aka 7/7. The date is to celebrate all things RX-7 related, Mazda’s lovechild that was born from the rotary engine.  The event has its roots everywhere around the world but is more predominant in different parts of Japan, and the United States. All around the world, on the same date, everyone with an RX-7 of any generation get together for one day to burn off some of that carbon deposit.

But it’s not just RX-7’s. Any type of rotary powered car typically comes out for 7’s day including RX-8’s, Cosmos, RX-2’s, R100’s, Suzuki motorcycles and swapped cars found in a ton of Starlet’s, Datsun 510’s, and Miatas. But that’s not to say non-rotary powered cars aren’t welcomed, that’s right, your LS/2JZ/K20/SR20/1JZ swapped RX-7’s are also welcome!

This year, we would like to add a new element to our event, which we will also incorporate a swap meet for these unique cars. We will let our attendees bring their discontinued, rare, or not so rare car parts and allow anyone to set up their own table or tent to sell, buy or trade their parts! We believe that the RX-7/rotary engine lovers will enjoy this new dynamic and from our early polls, it seems we may be on the right track.

Also, new this year, we will be renting out a huge venue that will allow for hundreds of cars but in front of an extremely photogenic background that is the Harrisburg Art Museum, which is known by local artists and allows for the best backdrop possible for these vehicles. We will have RC Garage bring out their RC Car race track so that you or your kids can bring your RC cars to race! Food trucks such as Breaking Bao, portable restrooms, multiple city sound permits and giveaways from Falken Tire, RavSpec, RAYS Engineering and Racebred Components and a surprise competition will give so many people a reason NOT to miss this once-a-year event and the last 7’s day to fall on a weekend for many years!

Speaking of giveaways, we will be giving away Falken Tire drawstring bags, license plate holders, keychains, stickers, shirts and lip balm. Ravspec will also be giving away drawstring bags, keychains, and air fresheners, and RAYS Engineering and Racebred Components will be giving out stickers! There’s only two catches: 1) Show up. 2) Make ONE food donation for every one free item you’d like. *The Falken tshirts will require 5 food donations to exchange for a free tee* Every food donation will be for the Houston Food Bank. The Houston Food Bank is a solution to both hunger and food waste. America’s largest and nationally recognized as Feeding America’s Food Bank of the Year in 2015, the Food Bank distributes 122 million nutritious meals through its network of 1,500 community partners in southeast Texas, feeding 800,000 individuals each year.

But that’s not all!! In addition to all of the free giveaways, we have a special giveaway for our attendees that brought their RX-7/Rotary powered vehicle to the event! We will be raffling off a RAYS Engineering Tire Pressure Gauge, and a fully titanium cup made by Top Secret Japan courtesy of Ravspec in New York, and a GRAND PRIZE of a FREE set (4 total) of Falken Tires, any model, and any size up to 20″ courtesy of our friends at Falken Tire based in California! Same rules apply as above, 1) Show up with your RX-7 or rotary powered vehicle and, 2) Make at least ONE food donation to receive your raffle ticket! This giveaway will be restricted to ONLY RX-7 or Rotary powered vehicles at this event! It will be ONLY one raffle ticket per car to be entered in a separate raffle specific to this giveaway!

Don’t have a food donation? That’s ok! We will still have lots of free giveaways such as stickers, and FREE bags of Doritos, and NOS Energy Drink will also be handing out free cans! There’s absolutely no reason not to come out!

RSVP to our Facebook Event Page! https://www.facebook.com/events/920661228281691/

Tentative event map layout/parking assignments: (please be respectful to our event staff and work with us to make the best event as possible! We will be parking everyone according to model of car for the best aesthetic!)

Donation Guide and list of giveaways:

For every ONE food donation you bring, you can exchange it for the following and also receive ONE raffle ticket for our other giveaways near the end of the meet! (limit one free item per person, per donation, maximum of 10 raffle tickets per person, while supplies last)

  • Racebred Components Slap Sticker (black or white)
  • Ravspec Leather Keychain (black or red)
  • Ravspec air freshener
  • Ravspec drawstring bag
  • Falken Tire Falken Motorsports slap sticker
  • Falken Tire die cut sticker
  • Falken Tire carabiner keychain
  • Falken Tire Multi-use headwear
  • Falken Tire Vanilla flavor lip balm
  • Falken Tire drawstring bag

The following items are exchangeable for THREE donations (ex: trade 3 food donations for 1 item, limit 1 item per person)

  • Falken Tire license plate frame
  • RAYS Engineering 2019 All Products Data Book

The following item is exchangeable for FIVE donations (ex: trade 5 food donations for 1 of these, limit 1 per person)

  • Falken Tire blue t-shirt (size L or XL)

What are these raffle tickets for? Even cooler giveaways from our sponsors! Below are the items we will give away to some lucky attendees!

  • Project Mu Tissue box cover
  • Project KICS Licenese plate locks
  • Project KICS Leggdura Racing blue license plate locks
  • Broadway Japan wide rearview mirror
  • RAYS Engineering sunglasses with carrying pouch (Blue lenses, white frame)
  • RAYS Engineering sunglasses with carrying pouch (Orange lenses, white frame)
  • RAYS Engineering Power bank for smartphones
  • RAYS Engineering official baseball cap
  • RAYS Engineering official baseball cap
  • RAYS Engineering V-Neck Navy Jersey Japanese sized LL or American Large
  • RAYS Engineering Crew Neck Grey Jersey Japanese sized M or American Schmedium

And lastly, we have 3 special giveaways for our attendees that were kind enough to drive their RX-7 or Rotary powered car to 7s Day! To enter this specific raffle, as an owner, just make ONE food donation and you will receive ONE and ONE raffle ticket only for this separate raffle!

But what are the 3 prizes??


Top Secret Japan full titanium cup/mug

From RAYS Engineering:

RAYS Engineering Tire pressure gauge with carrying case

From Falken Tire:

Set of any 4 Tires up to 20”

This event is made possible by these sponsors and we realistically couldn’t pull this event off without them!

Rotary Performance




Falken Tire








RAYS Engineering




The Lowdown (Australia)




RotaryLove (REV9)




Knick Knack Performance




Playback Rec



Infinite Worx


RC Garage




Piolk Design




Racebred Components




SSWorxs with KRC Japan




Speedlab Creations




Check out our featured food trucks that will be serving the event!

Breaking Bao (Asian cuisine)




Eaker BBQ




Need directions? Just search HARRISBURG ART MUSEUM or check out our map!

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