A beautiful FD3S RX-7 as captured at Tsukuba Circuit this past January, this car wears bolt on aero from Fujita Engineering (FEED) including the front bumper, combo lights, front and rear fenders, side diffusers, Voltex Type 1 rear carbon spoiler, custom LED tails, Craft Square mirrors, and RE-Amemiya pro diffuser. The track standard Volk Racing TE37’s paired with ADVAN A050’s are now a common sight at Tsukuba circuit, but stand out so much on this silver FD.

It is refreshing to see that 99% of the FD RX-7’s on the track are all rotary powered, whereas in the USA, they can come with all sorts of different powerplants such as the popular LS V8 swaps. The rotaries are still revered in Japan, and we hope that the spirit of the turbocharged rotary still lives on all over the world.

Soon, you will see new product development for this chassis here at Final Form USA, and we are excited to bring new things to an aging yet classy chassis.

One of many forms the FD can take.

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