This is the official landing page for all information regarding the 7’s Day Houston event hosted by us, Final Form USA on Saturday, July 7th 2018 from 5pm – 9pm at Giant Leap Coffee!


When: Saturday, July 7th, 2018 between 5pm – 9pm

Where: Giant Leap Coffee located at 3302 Canal St, Houston, TX 77003

Cost: FREE

Google Maps: (for preferred SUPER LOW CAR routes, scroll to bottom)

So wtf is 7’s Day Houston and why should I care?

7’s Day is always on the same date, which of course is July 7th, aka 7/7. The point is to celebrate all things RX-7 related, Mazda’s lovechild that was born from the rotary engine.  The event has it’s roots everywhere around the world but is more predominant in different parts of Japan, and the United States. All around the world, on the same date, everyone with an RX-7 of any generation gets together for one day to burn off some of that carbon deposit.

But it’s not just RX-7’s. Any type of rotary powered car typically comes out for 7’s day including RX-8’s, Cosmos, Caterham’s, and swapped cars found in a ton of Starlet’s, Datsun 510’s, and Miatas. But that’s not to say non-rotary powered cars aren’t welcomed, that’s right, your LS/2JZ/K20/SR20/1JZ swapped RX-7’s are also welcome!

There are three large 7’s day events hosted in the USA, one in southern California, one hosted by our friends at Prime in New York City, and of course, the one in the middle, by us. We have chosen a location located near downtown, Houston, on the Greater East End at Giant Leap Coffee. They will be serving lots of coffee and espressos of course, including special 7’s Day drinks affectionately named the #Brappucino and #icedpremix and will also be serving local craft beers by the can/bottle and a few on draft!

We will also have El Burro and The Bull selling their succulent smoked Texana BBQ meats if anyone is hungry!

We chose Giant Leap for a few reasons, location near downtown, evening lighting is excellent so there shouldn’t be any dark areas to park, and of course, the extremely flat and level parking spots that are offered. This will be a “street” event, which means it’s not just a large parking lot where everyone is just staring at each other, but rather, you can see the cars in motion and check them out closely as they park them.

Come join us even if you don’t own any of these cars but enjoy the smell of premix and gasoline (and some E85) and high revving, braptacular sounds!


Official Sponsors: (constantly updating)

Final Form USA

Falken Tire

Meguiars USA

FREE SWAG BAGS for everyone in attendance from said sponsors including: (one set per attendee)

-Falken Tires drawstring bags, towels, lanyards, stickers!
-Meguiar’s USA Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner, Ultimate Wash & Wax, Ultimate Liquid Wax,  and Ultimate compound!


For the FIRST 25 Rotary/RX-7’s that come to the meet starting at 5pm, the drivers/owners will receive a bonus in their swag bag from Falken tire which includes:

-Falken Tire Tee Shirt (limited on sizes M, L, XL first come, first serve)

-Falken Tire Neck Gaiter

-Falken Tire License Plate Frame

-Falken Tire double sided PVC Keychain




Parking Guide:



If this is your first time to this side of Houston, or just to Houston in general, and are worried about the roads, if you use common knowledge and drive slowly once you’re on the regular streets and not on the freeways, you’ll do fine.

HOWEVER– If you drive a super low/slammed/stanced/big kitted car, we have made a few maps to get you here with minimal risk to your tires/aero/frame. These routes are longer, but we have tested them out and driven on them to make sure there aren’t any issues.

The streets you must avoid are:

Chartres St. that runs alongside US-59/69 going north. This is one of THE WORST streets in Houston. Avoid at all costs.

The underpass from Franklin St. to Navigation Blvd. Like Chartres St., it is very very bumpy. Avoid this as well.

The TWO sets of railroad tracks you cross if you take York St.

We’ve marked these roads on our maps with a red line. Just know if you accidentally have taken one of these paths, you CAN still drive through, you just need to go super slow, and take your time over everything.


Coming from I-10 heading EAST (coming in from Austin/San Antonio/Katy/Cypress, etc):

This is the recommended path:

Coming from I-45 heading SOUTH (coming from Dallas/Oklahoma/Woodlands/Spring, etc.):

This is the recommended path:

Coming from US-59/ US-69 or 288 heading NORTH (coming from Sugar Land, Pearland, etc.):

This is the recommended path:

Coming from I-45 heading NORTH (coming from Galveston, Clear Lake, etc.):

This is the recommended path:


If you noticed from the above maps, they all have you basically ending up taking I-10 East and exiting 770B Jensen/Meadow/Gregg St. You only have to make a slight adjustment from once you’re on Jensen heading south:

Coming from I-10 heading WEST (coming from Beaumont, Louisiana, etc.):

This is the recommended path that works for regular and slammed cars:

And although we posted what we think is the best path coming from I-45 heading NORTH, we wanted to offer one other variation in case traffic is crazy (coming from Galveston, Clear Lake, etc.):